Grandma’s Gooey Brownies: Food for the Soul

brownies ft

While I take great pride in eating healthy and clean when I do, I won’t sit here and tell you that everything that comes out of my kitchen is going to be of great nutritional value, because that’s not why people eat brownies. Brownies are eaten because they’re amazing and good for your soul, not your thighs.

A family favorite on my mom’s side of the house are my grandma’s delicious brownies. They are not made from scratch, but simply have a few additives and adjustments that make them the everything that they are and more.

The secrets: chocolate chips, marshmallows, and frosting.

My personal addition is the frosting. My grandma frosted her chocolate chip and marshmallow infused brownies on occasion, with vanilla cake frosting, and I liked them so much I always frost mine now. I typically use cream cheese frosting though, as I’ve found the taste is slightly less sweet, given all of the sweet already going on.



  • Brownie mix – my preference is Pillsbury as shown above
  • Eggs – number varies by mix
  • Oil and water
  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips – I use Nestle Tollhouse semi-sweet morsels
  • 1 1/2 cups mini marshmallows
  • Cream Cheese frosting – also preference to Pillsbury, based on different trials

Super Easy Steps

  1. brownies-mixingPre-heat the oven according to brownie mix box (typically 350 degrees or slightly less for darkly coated baking pans). Pro Tip: Grease baking pan with Pam, butter, etc. ahead of time. I have found the dish, no matter what it is, will stick far less if you coat the pan a bit further ahead of time than when you are ready to pour in the mixture.
  2. Mix all of the ingredients according to your boxed mix together in a large mixing bowl, stir until mixed well and mix powder is not visible. You will see a nice, gooey texture like pictured, that is when you know your mix is ready for the pan.brownies-batter
  3. Pour out all of the mixture in to a pre-greased/oiled baking pan, ensure all of the mix is smooth and flat throughout the entirety of your pan to ensure even baking.
  4. While you should definitely follow the instructions according to your particular mix, I have always found better luck baking for 2-3 minutes under the recommended time for these. No one likes overcooked brownies, right? You can always leave them in a minute or two longer as needed, but can’t un-cook a dish. I like my brownies to go from this to this… (as a frame of reference)

    Nice, fully cooked, but still gooey (not liquidy) on the inside, brownies..

  5. This time around I let them cool for about an hour on a pot holder off of the stove (the stove is hot, it isn’t going to cool them as quick as you’d probably like), and then wrapped them in clear wrap to cool fully overnight.
  6. Frosting: the fun part. Once you are 100% sure the brownies are cool i.e. having let them sit covered overnight, you are ready to frost them. If you frost them when they are still warm or hot you are going to rip pieces up and it will be all mixed in the frosting. Nothing wrong with that taste-wise, but if you’re looking for a nicer presentation aesthetic, this won’t be how you get it.brownies-frosting
  7. Cut and serve – you’re ready to go! I suggest heating yourself up a cup of white hot chocolate to complement your treat. For serving guests: a cute, seasonal muffin cup is always a good choice because, #festive:brownies-cups

Happy Baking!

Did you get to enjoy some of these gooey goodies for yourself? Share them with #foodwinediy so we can drool along with you!


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