DIY: Crayon Wax Pumpkin Craft because, Fall.

You could only imagine my joy this weekend when I walked into a craft night themed Saturday at Mom’s house. #winning

She had seen a few crafts online where you can melt crayons on to a pumpkin and also some with glitter, so we ended up doing a little of both and even mushing them together into something colorfully crafty.



  • Fake pumpkins
    Mom found these for 70% off at Michaels (also, coupons)
  • Crayons
    Depending on the size of your project you may want to buy multiple of the same pack to have more of your colors
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter
  • Craft-grade paint brushes
  • Blow dryer

Crayon Wax Pumpkinscrayons

  1. Peel the colored crayons that you want to use.
  2. Adhere the crayons to the sections of the pumpkin that you would like the colors to drip down with the Mod Podge, using the craft paint brushes.
  3. unmelted-crayonAllow the Mod Podge about 20 minutes to dry, more if you use a larger amount. I actually stuck mine in the fridge for about 10 minutes to help speed it up.
  4. While your pumpkin is drying, you will want to put down something to cover the table or counter if you are crafting indoors. The wax does end up spattering further than you might think, so better to be safe than sorry. We laid down a 30-gallon garbage bag that I cut open before we heated the crayons and it looked like Blue Man Group had been through there when we were done.
  5. Begin blow drying the crayons (carefully). It will make a mess, but it can be consolidated to the drop cloth you put down.
  6. We focused on one color at a time, keeping the heat on low at first to let the crayons get soft, and then set to high to really get them to melt down the sides, and even sideways, depending how you’d like the finished product to look.
  7. Once we had the wax spread out where we wanted it and it dried, we added glitter to the stem and down the sides a few different ways. To glitter, we recommend getting a cookie sheet/pizza pan type catcher so the glitter isn’t everywhere, or even just using that same drop cloth you used for the wax melting. We Mod Podged the areas we wanted the glitter to stick, one color at a time, so that they didn’t blend.

My finished product:


Aly and Mom’s works:mom-big aly-final

Glitter Pumpkins, No Wax Crayon Melting

We wanted to make a few pumpkins with just the glitter on the smaller ones, which was probably easier than trying to manage the wax on the smaller space, honestly, so Mom and I made a couple of Halloween and fall-inspired mini pumpkins with the glitter:



Enjoy these easy, decorative crafts with family, coworkers, or even girlfriends over some hot cocoa at your next fall-inspired gathering! Can’t go wrong with a wine and craft night either. 😉



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