My Starbucks Pink Drink Recipe

starbucks pink drink ft

My morning beverage obsession for the last few months has has been a slightly-altered version of the Starbucks Pink Drink, as featured in their different colored drink Instagrams. It tastes like a delicious strawberry smoothie but with caffeine and without all of the calories.

The only alteration I make is replacing the coconut milk with soy milk, and that is purely due to taste preference.

In the end, it is simply ordered as a Strawberry Acai Refresher with no water, add soy milk.

I typically get a Venti but with my rewards I order a Trenta, because it is just that good, despite my barista seeming unsure if that’s something they can actually do (they always do it).

img_4999As much as I love a good Starbucks hand-crafted beverage, I also love to do things cost-effectively. Given the cumulative cost of enjoying Starbucks everyday, I started to explore my at-home options for making the beverage and have found a pretty close second.

Since Starbucks does not make the Strawberry Acai Refresher packets (the only two flavors they produce for the at-home refreshers beverages are hibiscus and strawberry lemonade) I needed to improvise a bit.



  • Starbucks Via Instant Refreshers, Strawberry Lemonade flavor
  • Silk Soymilk
  • Fresh strawberries (4-6)
  • Water
  • Ice (as desired)

.Making the Drink

  1. Mix the Refreshers packet with 12oz of water. Packet says 16 but we are also adding soy, so you want to save room for soy and ice in your 24oz cup.
  2. Blend 8oz of soy milk with your fresh strawberries.
    I do this to create a richer strawberry flavor that hides the lemonade factor in the packet mix. You can also just add the soy to the mixture, try both to find your preference.
  3. Add your soy milk to the Refreshers mixture.
  4. Pour over ice, garnish with fresh strawberries.

Nutritional Info

For a 24oz at-home beverage you need:

1 cup = 90 calories
1 packet = 70 calories
4 strawberries = 5 calories

Total calories in drink: 165 calories*

*can vary slightly by the type and amount of soy milk used

The Starbucks Venti-equivalent is approx. 215 calories (135 for the drink, soy sub estimated 90 calories) so you are actually saving a few calories by making it in-house.

Your own homemade version of a fruity, caffeinated, low-cal morning beverage.


Please share your experience, opinions, and especially any good tweaks to the recipe, I’d love to hear them using #foodwinediy on social media!

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