Jewelry Storage, ✔️


Jewelry Storage,✔️While my dozens of tiny nails in the wall of my closet may have been a fine solution for my city studio, it isn’t exactly  appealing in the newly purchased, nicely decorated condo. However, I still don’t want to spend a bunch of precious closet or dresser top space on jewelry storage, so what can I do?

Like usual, I hunt for a hiding spot.

No one has exactly the right amount of jewelry to be perfectly decorative and not overbearing, like on one of those wood palettes (but man, do I wish I did – those are so cute!), so leaving my gems out isn’t an option in my case.

We lacked a full length mirror, which is basically a household necessity in my eyes, so this was perfect. I’ve seen these before, and had a very particular idea of what I wanted, so the hunt was on.

My boyfriend’s mom was the one who found my new solution, and at a steal price, at TJ Maxx (a store full of hidden treasures, no surprise there).

I wanted something more modern looking (read: rectangular versus and oval) to match the rest of what we have going on in the house. The darker wood was also a must to match other nearby items. Not sure how much I’ll use it functionally, but I do love that it has a cute little lock and key for decoration, if nothing else:

The storage inside is great, most importantly. I mostly wear necklaces, then bracelets and some rings. No earrings since I don’t have pierced ears, but that storage space was also versatile for some bracelets as you can see.

There’s even room at the bottom for my cleaning cloth and travel case, and a shelf for Fitbit bands and misc. acessory type items. I love having everything jewelry all in one place finally! This was such a clutter-reducer.

I’m much more apt to wear jewelry when it’s not a hassle to dig it out of a drawer just to see if it matches my outfit for the day. Plus- there’s a mirror right on the front:

Don’t have room in your home or budget for a large item right now?

An alternative is my previous solution- a shadow box with tacks in it to hang the jewelry. These are a great and versatile way to store your jewelry away without spending too much.

I recommend searching for a Michael’s or JoAnn’s coupon (really easy, usually on their own websites) and getting the right size box for your collection. From there, small nails or push pins can be added anywhere inside that makes sense for your items, and finishing the box by adding a print/picture to the inside of the glass, so your jewelry is all stored and out of sight.

Your guests will never know the difference when they see your art on the wall. 👌🏻

Next challenge: nail polish storage.

Have a good jewelry or nail polish storage solution? Share it with me in the comments below, I’d love to hear it!


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