Fan of the Tan? Grab Some Coola first.

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I am naturally a very fair-skinned individual but LOVE taking advantage of the warm, sunny weather, particularly to be as bronze as I can while the summer lasts in Chicago. In the interest of being safe about it now, and not leathery later on in life, I have taken a serious pledge this year to start being very proactive about my skin care regimen (for both summer and all year). If Ellen can look 40 at 65 then why can’t I one day?

Let me introduce you to my new favorite obsession – Coola Suncare products:


After some research, and also receiving a few Coola samples in my Birchbox, I am a proud owner of some full size products; they are an incredibly worth-while investment if you are a sun lover such as myself. Let’s break down the products.

Body Sunscreen Spray

FullSizeRender 18

My favorite part about this product is that it is unscented. I really enjoy getting outside during lunch at work and I don’t necessarily want to come back inside around a bunch of my coworkers smelling like the beach at noon on a Tuesday. Not to mention, your coworkers probably do not want to smell potent sunscreen either. The ingredients are largely organic and the formula is water resistant which are pluses in my book. I actually found this particular bottle at a lower price on a whim at TJ Maxx which was a pleasant surprise. Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for an everyday, subtle layer of full body UV protection.

Mineral Liplux Spf 30 in Nude Beach

The lipstick resembling tube pictured above is an SPF 30 lip protector that comes in various shades from tans to reds. The product is formulated to add a layer of protection to your lips because those will burn too, a lot of people don’t realize that until they feel how bad it can hurt!

Sport SPF 50 Moisturizer

This product is formulated to be ultra water resistant up to 80 minutes and provide extra moisturizing properties. There is a great list of natural ingredients in this formula, it is definitely worth a look at the long description at the Coola website if your skin is in need of a little extra TLC.

Makeup Setting Spray


Can I get a YAASSS? This is my favorite product to date. After just a use or two of the sample in my Birchbox I ordered the full size product knowing this would be a longterm relationship. Not only do I feel great about my face’s UV protection but my makeup holds up longer also. I keep the sample size in my desk at work for a midday refresh and fill it from the full size as it depletes. Given the green tea and aloe ingredients I would also assume the formula is just great for your skin in general. Green tea wakes up the complexion and aloe is known for soothing the skin.

Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion

I have only used this product once so far, but it was a good experience as usual with Coola. Sticking with the natural formula, this is your post-sun skin hydration step. If you are looking to close the full all-natural loop this would be your new aloe gel replacement. I’m excited to use it more as the summer progresses.
I was always the first one to look for a less expensive means of reaching an outcome to keep a tight budget in mind, but it is incredibly important to not skimp on suncare in the summer. You wouldn’t skimp on a coat in the winter, right? Maybe it isn’t Coola for you, but definitely look in to some higher quality suncare products if you find yourself in the sun often, you won’t regret it!

Let me know your experience with Coola, and other suncare products, too!


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