Goodbye Chicago, Hello Evanston: Packing Tips

At this point I am basically a professional mover.

Including my first move to Chicago in 2013, through my move to Evanston in 2 days, I will have moved 5 times in just over 3 years. #ProStatus

Exhausting as it sounds, every single move was worth it. I’ve lived in a walk-up in Lakeview, a high rise in the Gold Coast, a flat in Lincoln Square, and a cozy little studio in Lakeview East. I’ve hit just about every type of unit and building Chicago has to offer, and every single place offered a different experience. Likewise, I also learned that no matter where you go you’re going to have a bad neighbor once and a while. Whether its band practice at 1am on Tuesday, or a screaming match at 9am on Saturday, you’ll figure it out.

Nostalgia curbed; I want to offer a few tips/tricks/hacks for anyone moving:

Fold-close baggies

Good for something at last! I accidentally bought a box of these instead of the ziplock kind and didn’t have it in me to throw a whole box out. It wasn’t long before I realized they were perfect for sorting items during a move and/or travel:

  • Necklaces, jewelry that can tangle
  • Preventing lint rollers from sticking
  • Covering tops of containers without lids (i.e. pencil holders), secure with a rubber band
  • Magnets
  • Decorative stones/marbles


All of those Lululemon [and other] reusable bags

I’ve found it’s hard to pack some items simply because of how they’re shaped or their function. Some great items to skip on boxing and bag instead:

  • Pump bottles (lotions, soaps, shampoo, conditioner)
  • Keurigs or other small appliances
  • Delicates – mine are in my dresser but I’m not about having my moving help carry an open drawer of my unmentionables down the street, these are stashed in a zipped up duffle bag that would otherwise have to get moved anyway
  • Cold food – in lieu of having a cooler, these bags with an ice pack are a good option to get any food you may need to transport


Wine Glasses and Candle Transportation

Wine glasses are especially fragile and candles can be especially heavy, and both very breakable. Boxes can be too big for these heavy/fragile items because they really aren’t that big – allowing more room for them roll around and smash – so I recommend a shoe box or other smaller carry-able. I have my wine glasses wrapped up in bubble wrap and tucked snuggly in to a dish pan. My candles are padded with bubble wrap and fitted in to a plastic crate with other fragile items like my blender and mini Crockpot:


Other Packing Tips

Luggage: You have to move it anyway, may as well pack your clothes in something nicer than a $1 cardboard box. Keep shirts nicely rolled to minimize wrinkling and optimize space. Almost all of my hanging shirts fit in to my carryon.

Hangers: One of the most awkward items to pack- toss them in a spare tote bag, it’s a lightweight item you can bring on a trip you’re already making with a heavier box.

Old Towels/Blankets: Moving a TV or other electronics? If you have any old blankets or sheets that you plan to toss soon anyhow, save money on moving supplies by protecting your electronics from scratching with an old towel or blanket.

Paper Storage: While people are going paperless for the most part, you still have essentials like your SSN card or birth certificate, and those need to be stored and moved securely. I invested in a file bin that has the functionality for hanging folders but also acts as a storage bin for bigger paper items like newspapers or magazines you are holding on to also. This is great for the long term aside from just moving.

Have other hacks you recommend? Let me know in the comments, the more efficient the better!


Excited for a new adventure with my two guys ♥


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