A Heartier Breakfast Prep: Breakfast Skillets

bfast skillet ft

I’ve been reading a lot lately that it is in your metabolism’s best interest to have protein more evenly spread out throughout the day, however, we have most of it at night. Thinking about it logically, with no nutritional study in my background, why would we put most of our energy-rich consumption at the end of the day anyway?

My newest nutritional goal is to move more protein to breakfast to kick-start my day and remove a bit from dinner, where it has a greater risk of turning in to unused energy.

I’ve talked about my English muffin/hard boiled egg combos for breakfast, but variation is key to keeping a healthy diet – if you get sick of what you’re eating you are more likely to give up. My other favorite grab-and-go option is the breakfast skillet. Its not only very easy to make-and-take all week but what it consists of can vary innumerably to keep you interested and on track. Because of its flexibility, you can add a bit more protein in there to get you moving and keep you going. While my favorite recipe below isn’t boasted for being the world’s healthiest, it is a good savory treat, and you can easily sub items in and out for more healthy options.

My Favorite Breakfast Skillet Combo

  • 1 package Southern Style Frozen Potatoes
  • 1 package Johnsonville Original Breakfast Sausage links
    (can be substituted with almost any sausage of preference)
  • 6 eggs, less 3 of the yolks (for a more-cholesterol conscious dish)
  • Various red, yellow, and orange peppers
  • Diced onion
  • Topped with a little shredded cheese
  • Topped with a little chipotle pepper sauce for a southwestern skillet

Breakfast Skillet Highlights

  • Ingredients are easy to prep
  • Can last 4-5 meals, reheats easily
  • Recipe is versatile, can be interchanged
  • Total cost can roll in around just $10-$12 for at least 4 meals-worth

Breaking Down the Cost

  • $10 – $12 for all of the main ingredients (spices, seasonings no included)
  • Provides at least 4 meals (approx. 6 cups)
  • Comes out to $2 – $3 per meal
  • Compare that to the $6 – $7 you might pay in a cafeteria by weight

The best part of the breakfast skillet is its reheatability:
breakfast skillets

Just sprinkle a little bit of cheese and your seasoning of choice on the top, cover, and refrigerate for future [soon-ish] consumption; it will taste just as fabulous. I don’t recommend freezing though, it doesn’t taste quite the same when you reheat.

Found an ingredient that you just love to add to your breakfast skillet? Please share! Use #foodwinediy on social media to show off your creation.


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