Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas

Love sneaking egg into your everyday diet but don’t have time every morning to cook a ‘nice’ meal? Want to eat better without spending a fortune on your breakfast every [work]day? I struggle a lot with cleaner, simpler, reasonably cost-effective breakfast options. No one wants to eat the same thing everyday, but buying a different breakfast sandwich each morning can get costly – for both your wallet and your waist.

I’ve gotten creative with my breakfast selections since I do work primarily in-office 5 days a week and don’t want that hard earned money to be gone before lunch. Starting my day with a clean and delicious meal is when I feel my best, and that means a little something different from person to person, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt.

One of my favorite breakfast hacks no matter what your taste is, is getting a carton (or a half carton, if you won’t go through them as fast) and boiling all of for the week. You can also boil half and leave half raw if you cook with egg throughout the week, just be sure to mark the underside of the carton lid so you don’t accidentally bring a raw egg to work!

I try to boil about 5 or 6 eggs once a week (most people meal prep on Sunday, but everyone’s week varies, so find the most logical day for you) and put them right back in the carton so they’re grab-n-go ready.

My favorite breakfast for the past few years has been the wheat+egg+flavor combo.

The wheat can be an English muffin, a slice of toast, a bagel, or a bagel thin.

For flavor my preferred addition is cream cheese. This ingredient is also where you are going to get your variety, which is key to keeping you on track to any arduous task. I am a huge fan of the reduced fat kind, they have a reduced fat garden veggie, and my most recent venture was in to a smoked salmon variety- which was in fact delicious if you enjoy salmon:

Other suggestions include butter, jelly, peanut butter, or just your favorite spread-able. However, the best part about the tried-and-true cream cheese route is that it helps hold the final ingredient to the wheat base…

The egg. Once you have added your spread d’jour, take your peeled hard boiled egg, break it up and add it to the top. I have to admit it looks a unconventional, and it probably won’t land you a bunch of likes on your Insta, but it’s practical, healthy, and so delish!

An even healthier option is the garden veggie variety, which even has my preferred reduced fat option:

To take it a step further in the clean eating, you could replace the cream cheese with avocado. I know avocado toast has been a huge trend lately (I think I may have to try it myself) and it would be a healthier replacement for the cream cheese, but I suggest this with caution. If you are anything like me, you need some sort of flavor or ‘reward’ to balance your good eating. If you aren’t a fan of the more bland taste that the avocado offers, it might very easily steer you away from the healthier eating. Indulge a little, cream cheese (or any of the above) is not bad for you in the ~2 tbsp moderation you will be utilizing in my recipe.

My Example Meal

  • Bagel thins, 8 pack, $3.50
  • Cream cheese, 2 containers, $2.50 each
  • Carton of eggs, 12 count, $1.50

Total: $10.00

Obviously prices vary by area, brand, store, etc. but for almost 2 weeks your breakfast can cost you around $10 when done right.

Buy a container of delicious creamer, to sweeten the free office coffee most or all of the week, and you’re in business!

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