Everything You Want to Know About the Starbucks Molten Chocolate Frappuccino

Can we just take a moment to note how short this article is for an ‘everything you need to know’ piece? While so delicious and possibly a way of life in the summer months, let’s not forget it is still just a sugary, blended beverage.

Even the calorie conscious sweet tooth can enjoy this limited-time Starbucks bev without worry. Given the Molten Chocolate drink family is only in town for the week I feel that if you were that dedicated to the cause, you could spare the extra couple hundred calories for a grande non-fat, no whip treat.
I ordered a Grande Molten Chocolate Frappuccino and asked my barista if they had a skinny or light version; given that it was so new he wasn’t sure, so I just ordered non-fat, no whip (my go-to). If you can cut the whip (a.k.a air and calories) without it ruining your frapp you can save yourself 100-140 calories every trip, depending on bev size.

My order: Grande Molten Chocolate Frappuccino, Non-Fat, No Whip.


First taste, thoughts: way too rich. I later found out that was because of the espresso mocha syrup layered at the bottom, as you can see above. Just swirl the frapp to mix it the syrup/change your life.

After the initial sips: UH-amazing. Just make sure you blend that drizzle in a little better if your barista leaves it all at the bottom (unsure if this was purposeful or my own one-off experience).

The ingredients, per Starbucks’ Nutrition page:

molten frapp ingredients

The chocolate chips had me concerned at first, but they were perfect. Not too bitter like baking chocolate, or too sweet, just a really good flavor and adds a bit of texture to the drink – not that it stopped me from drinking it way too fast.

Let’s Talk Numbers: My grande came out to 260 calories with non-fat milk and none of the espresso whipped cream. If you just order a “grande molten chocolate frappuccino” you will be looking at 420. You’re looking at an extra 160 calories if you can’t stomach the thought of a lighter milk and none of that decadent espresso-infused whip. Starbucks.com breaks it down again for us below:

molten frapp nutrition

I’m a huge proponent of the ‘light’ and ‘skinny’ varieties of all of Starbucks drinks (because I truly think they taste the same or better, actually), but I won’t go pushing my agenda on you anymore than I already have.

If you haven’t already heard, there is also the Molten Chocolate Latte and Molten Hot Chocolate, so find your favorite and give it a sip before it’s too late. These delicious little treats are only at Starbucks from 2/8-2/14 so try one soon!

molten trio

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