Wondering What the Latest Apple Update Does for You?

Good thing I carved time out of my day to put a hold on urgent matters i.e. group texting and games for the iOS 8.2 software update forced shameless promotion of the Apple Watch.

So far no there is no real sign of what this update has actually done for my device except add another non-erasable app to my hard drive that was promptly moved to it’s Apple-shaming folder to join it’s friends Stocks, Tips, and Compass (Bye Felicia).

Where’s your x when you actually need one?

My FitBit app has been lagging really badly lately and having not seen an update for the app in particular, I was hoping to find resolution with this entire system update. I’m no technological genius, but thought it could be possible there was something in my 5C somewhere stopping my beloved apps from working at their optimum levels. But no, it’s still taking me upwards of 3 minutes to add my side salad to my food diary, and now I have even less room for things I will actually use.

Newsflash Apple- you’re about 5 different kinds of FitBits too late to the fitness and diet wristband device game.

I expect better from you. #RIPSteveJobs

Supposedly there are other ‘useful’ updates, but I’m not impressed. Feel free to read more about them on Forbes.

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