Fantasy Football Year 2: Bigger and Better

With one season under my belt, I’m coming in hot

First order of business: A huge shout out to my boy Jimmy Garoppolo for signing his rookie year NFL contract with the New England Patriots. Garoppolo is a fellow EIU Alumni and I could not be more excited to see another quarterback rise from O’Brien Stadium to the big leagues! With my league being a 2-QB league Garoppolo is definitely on my radar for a backup QB spot. I would have to be hard pressed to draft Brady as a starting man for my team with how unreliable he has been as of late, but I know just who will be filling his shoes when he’s too busy warming the bench #Garoppolo

If anyone in my league had an ounce of their wits about them they would know this is the place to get the best edge on my strategy, but that has yet to really occur to anyone, soo…moving on.

Second Term Strategy: What You Now Know

This year there’s a tool I’ll be using to help me order my draft picks and get my game together on a new level. @BradPerniciaro is the creator of an application called Cheatsheet War Room, which helps you keep all of the information you could need in one spot for ease of access and organization.

My league is talking about making this year a ‘destination draft’ and offline on top of that, meaning no Yahoo! Fantasy Football application to rely on for the best available picks, and no internet at all, really. By the time it’s your pick you only have so long to assess who the current [good] available players are versus what your team needs (usually about 2:00 minutes) so this will be clutch.

Home of the free fantasy cheat sheets

Take a look for yourself and be prepared. After all, the early bird doesn’t take home the Sacko.


Are you just tuning in?

Check out some of these resources to get going:

Vocabulary to know

What is a Fantasy Football Constitution?
The little bit that you need to know about your Defense
The Offense – where your research needs to happen


Comments Always Welcome:

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