How Veronica Roth’s Friends Described Allegiant

In short, it’s that new outfit your best friend just bought and is wearing for the first time, with a clear sense of accomplishment and pride; you’re smiling and complimenting her even though you think it’s hideous and hate every second of it.

It’s that upsetting.

I’m laying here, so awestruck, just repeating “I can’t believe it…” and I’m sure my boyfriend thinks I’m a lunatic who can’t get over a work of fiction; but maybe I am, because I just can’t.

Did you read Allegiant? Someone please share their sentiments with me because I refuse to accept it and forget about it and I know I’m not alone. Books don’t just end like that. – Be sure to alert for spoilers though!

Side Note: the featured image was a note I found that the last library patron left in the book – can someone say fan girl? You better believe I left it for the next person too.

2 thoughts on “How Veronica Roth’s Friends Described Allegiant

  1. patricia says:

    me too i cried and oh my :((((((((( hi i’m a newbie, and it would be great if you checked out my blog – i follow back! ( ps nice blog ) kisses. x hope we can be friends

  2. Ashley says:

    I’ll admit I was pretty upset about it, the last two blows were bad. Especially given Christina’s past, I really think she was the one who people didn’t realize just how badly she got hurt in all of that. It was a deep ending and definitely went where other trilogies don’t which was probably why it’s so widely well-received but I’m still not sure I’m okay with it all. 😦

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