Why You Need to Read #ReadingIsGood

It was not until I started traveling and working full time (somewhat ironically) that I became a more regular reader. I had new time on train rides, planes from here to there, or down time in a foreign city by myself, which was not as exotic as it sounds and reading really was my preferred pasttime.

Hunger Games is absolutely what turned my attitude about reading for the better. I had thought reading was boring and that I didn’t have the attention span for it but little did I know it was merely that I hadn’t yet found the right book. It really is indescribable how one story can segue you in to developing an entirely new interest.

No matter how uniform or routine of a person you think you are I find it hard to believe that the idea of something new and exciting is completely unappealing to you. Curiosity is built in to our human nature. I work a pretty unfaltering job every day and to read about someone else’s da, fictional or not, is much needed variety.

I just don’t have the time or attention span to read, I just don’t read.

Excuse me while I remove my foot from my mouth.

While movies give you 90 minutes of entertainment, books give you a countless number of hours-worth of entertainment, freedom of interpretation, and the best part is you get to decide where. You can read virtually anywhere. On my day off I didn’t take my Blu-Ray player to the rooftop pool to get some sun, I brought my Chicago Public Library-rented copy of Allegiant, the third book in the Divergent trilogy (sidebar: I highly recommend this series to everyone, especially those who feel they are missing adventure and/or imagination in their daily lives).

Two and a half years ago I would be on the opposite end of this argument, my only regret being I didn’t see the greener grass sooner. The transition was not magical and seamless transforming from snobby to book snob, I found some apps and things helpful along the way. Hopefully these tips below will help convert some of you movie-goers in to happy bookworms:

Get a Library Card: They usually cost a very little one-time fee if not totally free. This will also give you an excuse to get out and enjoy the nice weather and save you the money if you’re on a tight budget.
For the Social Media guru: Goodreads – there are tons of reviews and suggestions for all types of books, it is a great place to start. You can also organize books on to different ‘shelves’ you create (i.e. – must read, read, currently reading) and track and share your progress with friends to keep each other reading!
For the tablet-savvy: The Kindle App (through Amazon) – Books are slightly cheaper than physical copies and you can download the Kindle App on any tablet or Apple product to take your books with you wherever you normally bring your devices. Some books are even available to be “loaned” to friends so you don’t all have to buy a digital copy.
Join a Book Club: Once you feel ready to commit the time I highly recommend joining or even starting your own book club. Nothing high-key, just an excuse to get together once and a while and have coffee, wine, snacks, sit by the pool, etc. (the things you already do with your pals except with a book in your hand – it’s not that different, I promise!). I have been in a book club with friends for about a year now and we have even gone to see the movies of some of the books together and made a night of it.


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