Reduce Your Single Use: How to Go Green Without Going Broke

I was always under the impression going green was pricier, as going organic/healthier has been known to be. The more I looked at some of the things I was already doing the more I realized it really isn’t much more (if even more at all) to cut a few corners and starting adding a little more green to your daily routine.

Below are a few concepts I am currently utilizing, where I got the idea/item from, and where you can find similar alternatives.

lunchskins photo
the what: reusable sandwich and snack bags, dishwasher safe, they come in tons of color/patterns
the use: the larger one on the left is perfect for sandwiches and the smaller one is ideal for snacks
my story: I came across these on the Lean Cuisine Delicious Rewards program and redeemed my points to get them both free! I use the large one for my English muffin and hard boiled egg for breakfast every day


Wonder Bread sandwich container
the what: reusable sandwich container
the use: good for your every day sandwich toting needs, dishwasher may fade coloring but it’s otherwise fine for washing
my story: my roommate had one in college and still had it when we moved in to our apartment; it made perfect sense for my new sack-lunch lifestyle and I bought one stat. I still use it every time I bring a sandwich to work
web: not found on the Wonder Bread site, can be found on Amazon or eBay, mine was bought at a Walmart Express in Chicago


Reusable Grocery Bags
the what: regular grocery/market trips
the use: the thermo-lined inside helps keep your hot and cold foods on your commute home from the store
my story: this particular bag was another item redeemed with my Delicious Rewards points, however, extremely similar bags can be found at most major grocery stores including Walmart Express and Trader Joe’s


Brita water filtration
the what: your recommended 8 cups a day
the use: much more eco-friendly than the water bottles bought 4 dozen at a time and sometimes tastes even better
my story: my roommate also had a Brita, I will now never look back
web and can be bought at your neighborhood Walmart or Target

What are you doing to reduce your single use? Sound off below and share your favorite Go Green concepts.


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