Bachelor Monday: B-Ball Shorts, Wine, and Homemade Cookies

That’s exactly what kind of Monday it was at work. Luckily for me, Jill, Charles Shaw and my bag of 2011 expired Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chips were to the rescue – and let’s not forget the quality entertainment found in Juan Pablo attempting to know what the hell is going…ever.

Also, Chelsie should have gone home this episode. (Spoiler alert- she’s still there and still annoying)
get by with a little help from my red

Dinner was gone so dessert was the next logical step:

half of these ingredients are probably expired

After 3 trays of 3 differently baked cookies we found success:

the final and delicious product

The end product: me packing my gym bag for tomorrow.

Here’s to a better Tuesday!


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