February’s Gym Playlist

I recently added a lot of new jams to my line up and have compiled a solid list that I have found really helpful at the gym. The list has a wide variety of genres and types of music. Some older, some current, some country, some electronic. Hopefully you find a few samples from my blend that you like and can go from there with it.
Some things to consider when making your list:

  • Keep songs less than 4 minutes – I’ve found that I get bored and lose momentum when the song is too repetitive
  • Slow songs – it’s kind of a given that those aren’t getting anyone pumped up, avoid them
  • Mix it up! – Just like mixing your workout avoids muscle memory you should switch up your music to keep you going

Full disclosure? Kanye’s workout plan – actually not that great. Check out this hour-long set for some fitness motivation:

Have any favorites of your own? Comment below so we can add them to our lists!

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