What I Took Away from #SuperbowlSunday: #followyourdreams

Do you recognize Gwen? She quit her job during the Superbowl. No, I’m not about to quit my job but I am about to do something(s) I have wanted to for quite some time now, and that is building and maintaining my own website.

GoDaddy.com has an absolutely irresistible special offer of $1/month for your own domain hosting and I went ahead and bought myself two right away.

  • My first site: will be a pretty standard personal resume/accomplishments page for my career. I have always wanted to get one set up and I think any competitive, young professionals should have one, especially in certain applicable fields. Why not you also?
  • My second site: my second website is going to be my hobby. The concept will be a blog in nature, but more so in the direction of a collection of interactive content regularly updated and is geared toward the urban twenty-something year old: working on a minimal budget and still looking to make the most of every day with new experiences and things. While I am biased and some content will be Chicago-specific, the goal is to make the website as versatile to fresh college graduate-agers in any urban setting as possible. Topics include:
    • Where to find a deal on events/things
    • Big events in Chicago
    • Trending media topics
    • Entertainment news/commentary/discussions
    • DIY tricks and tips to surviving your apartment
    • Working out and dieting (minimal – no one wants to be nagged about their lifestyle after they finally live on their own)

I do not want to release the web URL’s until the site’s are ready for viewing, which I cannot wait for! For me this is the first of many fun parts: actually getting to design the entire space; the second part letting everyone in once it is ready!

If you enjoy making your own sites or writing your own content please visit GoDaddy below for an awesome deal and post here so everyone who reads can check out your content also!

12 Months of Website BUilder for $1 a month.*


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