uber Excited – Riding in Style

My most recent obsession: Uber.

For those who are unfamiliar it’s actually all over the globe these days so you’re really not looking very hard. It’s an awesome start up company with the concept based off of calling a cab at will. Sure, there are a couple of other companies in the industry but none with the amazing referral program or ease of us as uber.

With this promo code you can $20 off of your first ride and also earn your referrer a $20 credit!

Promo code linkage: uber.com/invite/uber.hoogs

Yea, but they’re probably soooooo expensive.
FALSE. They aren’t really as expensive as the yellow cabs you’ll hail and are MUCH cleaner and the company gives you info on your drivers so you know just what you’re walking in to. You’re also in that driver’s own car so it is kept with more care and is far less sketch.

They have their app in both the Google play store and the Apple App Store. Check it out, it’s likely in a city nearer you [than you thought].

iPhone screenshot:20140130-224921.jpg

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