Fantasy Football: 15 Weeks Later… Playoffs

Who would have thought after a handful of Sex in the City analogies and some ‘Fantasy Football for Dummies’ posts I would be typing to you at the beginning of Week 16, also known as the Championship Week, as a contender?!

I will admit that I began this journey for Fantasy Football knowledge with guns blazing, hoping to win with all my newfound knowledge, but I never would have bet on the ultimate victory. Sure, maybe my $10 buy-in that I paid at the Draft Party on August 23, but not the ‘ship.

I also named my team Stomp the Yard thinking it was a football movie and later come to find out it was about dance. The joke is on the autogenerated ‘Blitz429’ though, because my silly, irrelevant name didn’t hinder my 50 point win over his team last week. #girlbye


Team Stomp the Yard is going to the Shiva!


Are you just tuning in?

Check out some of these resources to get going:

Vocabulary to know

What is a Fantasy Football Constitution?
The little bit that you need to know about your Defense
The Offense – where your research needs to happen


Comments Always Welcome:

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