Fantasy Football Vocab: The Clueless Girl’s Study Guide

If the only Football jargon you know is ‘hut-hut-HIKE,’ you need to read this before your draft party.

As it turns out, a touchdown can mean more than your private jet has landed.

While reading through the different guides and ‘how-to’s’ on the web, I came across a lot of lingo that I was completely unfamiliar with, though, not all completely weird. I’ve compiled a running list below of some of the more commonly used terms that I have stumbled upon in my research and welcome anyone with any additions to add them to the comments section; after all, we’re all in this together, gals.

Commonly Used Fantasy Football Vocab

  • Touchdown: Running or catching the ball in the end zone (where all the colorful grass is)
  • Sack/Tackle: When a bro gets beat down (the play has stopped)
  • Bye-Week: Not every NFL team plays every single week, when they’re not playing it’s called a ‘bye’ (about 4 NFL teams usually are on bye per week, once bye-weeks start)
  • Stud: EXACTLY what it sounds like, but distilled just a bit more, it’s a top rated fantasy football player
  • Breakout: When a regular bro transforms in to a stud – start considering starting these guys in the future
  • Bench: Back-up players (these guys are there to play when certain players aren’t playing, i.e. – player’s teams have bye-week or are injured)
  • League settings: Also referred to as a league’s constitution
  • Game-time decision: Waiting right up until the game is about to begin to see if a hurt player will start (see injured list guide below)
  • Waivers: Players you drop from your team may have to wait before being redrafted (see your league settings or constitution for your league’s full rules)
There is also special code for the bros on the injured list. This is going to be important to know because if one of your players is on this list you will want to know the likelihood of them starting the next week by checking this list:
P – Probably (should be fine)
Q – Questionable (start freaking the hell out)
D – Doubtful (dump a bro to the bench)
Some helpful links to more in-depth terminology:

Still confused?

It’s okay, that’s why you’re here.

What is a Fantasy Football Constitution?
The little bit that you need to know about your Defense
The Offense – where your research needs to happen


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