11 Different Positions To Do It In: Fantasy Football as told by Sex and the City

football_playbookThere are a ridiculous amount of positions in this sport. More than can even be on the field at a time. Luckily, the defense is just one pick in the draft because that would actually be terrifying to have to remember.

Your offensive players will be your true focus.

Just imagine the offense as your girls from Sex in the City. When drafting, you are going to want to be sure you are drafting a solid running back (the Carrie) the first round, unless you have your eye on a very highly ranked quarterback (the Samantha) that you have your heart set on. Your running back is going to earn you points based on how far they run the ball [because they do more shit], which is a pretty common play, thus meaning, a steadier stream of points for you.

Quarterbacks are also key because they will be the ones calling the plays (is he running or throwing the ball?) and will get you points based on how far they are throwing/running the ball. Wide receivers and tight ends (the Charlotte’s) are there to catch the ball whether they need to go long or hang low, either way, they’re ready to catch what you’re throwing, even if they’re not the most active players on the field. Based on surveying friends who actually know what they’re talking about/have done this before, there is always a large pool of wide receivers available to draft, so don’t worry about grabbing one right away. Picking a wide receiver in the first 3 rounds is like dibs’ing Miranda when picking your group’s Sex in the City characters.

The quarterbacks call the shots

The quarterbacks call the shots

Speaking of which, let’s talk about the center and the offensive linemen, aka the Miranda’s.

Yes, they’re there, but they don’t do anything note-worthy in the world of Fantasy Football. They are important because they will keep the other team’s defense from your running backs and quarterbacks (the Carrie’s and Samantha’s) but due to their lack of activity they won’t be earning you any points for anything individually, so don’t bother yourself with knowing any of them by name – just being honest. If you think for some reason that your league works differently, check your draft’s team composition, which in the intense bro’s league, is in the constitution.

The Offensive Players you need to know

  • Quarterback “QB”: who the ball is given to when they yell ‘hike’
  • Running Back: is usually handed the ball by the QB in a play
  • Wide Receiver: is the one catching those huge passes down the field
  • Tight End: can catch far passes, but it usually hanging near the sidelines for whatever comes their way
  • Kickers/Punters: the only ones using their feet to kick the ball – “football” amiright?
    The Kicker will be used to make field goals (in between yellow posts) whereas the punter is just kicking that thing as far down field as possible during play.

The intent of this post is to serve as an introduction to the general positions, actual drafting tips and tricks from the pros to come.

Still Confused?

It’s a ridiculous amount of information for jobs that differ so little, I get it. Try these:

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