Fantasy Football: Defense for the Clueless Girl

Picking your defense is really not that hard. Pretty much anyone whose been playing for a while will tell you it hardly matters (I disagree a little there) which team you pick.

However, I live in Chicago, so I get a pretty close look at what bad defense looks like, so listen up.

D Fence

what not to look like on game day

Your defense, also known as your “defense/special teams” is not drafted like the rest of your team, it is picked as one whole unit, not by players individually.

For example, you wouldn’t individually pick Charles Tillman and Julius Peppers from the Bears, you would just pick the Bears’ defensive line as your team’s entire defense – one clean sweep.

The reason for this (I asked this question myself as a newbie) is because when your offense (quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, etc.) are running a play, you’re earning points. It would be counter productive for them to be tackled/shut down by someone on your team also – points both earned and then immediately lost. With this method, it is easier to keep in mind whatever team is playing your defensive team each week. This way you can just start offensive players from a different team in order to optimize your points.

For my visual learners:

To clarify, you don’t have to swap out a player just because they are playing your defense, that is just one way to do it. If said offensive player in question is a league MVP, keep him in there. Maybe even reassess your defense. The offense/defense balance is case-by-case sometimes.

Now the hard part, picking which team you actually want to draft as your defense. A few basic concepts to keep in mind:

  • Save your defense/special teams pick for later rounds
  • You definitely want to draft a back up defense team (for bye weeks, injuries)
  • Check stats, especially if you have no existing knowledge

Some more vocabulary

It’s entirely possible you’ll never need to know any of these, but better to have at least heard them, right?

Defensive positions:

  • Linebackers
  • Safety
  • Cornerbacks
  • Defensive ends
  • Tackles
  • Nose Guards

Still Confused?

Where are you lacking?

Vocabulary to know
What is a Fantasy Football Constitution?
The Offense – where your research needs to happen

More from the Pros

Check out these pro’s predictions for some deeper insight in to who is looking good and not-so-draftable this year:


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